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Nepal has different kinds of temperature due to 4 main seasons with some geographical aspects. Geographically, Nepal has divided into 3 different levels i.e. Terai region, the Hilly region, Mountain Region based on the altitude level. The tentative elevation of the Terai region is 700-1000 meters, 1,500 – 2,700 meters for the Hilly region, and after 3,000-meter altitude Mountain region. As it is not so followed particularly. However, the temperature would be different as per the geographical category. Similarly, we have mentioned the 4 best seasons in Nepal to make your travel.

Spring Season– The second best time to visit Nepal is from March to May, as it is also starting in the summer season and you will have a temperature around 23-26 degrees Celsius. This is the first peak season of the year to start cultural tours, trekking, and mountaineering in all areas.

Autumn Season: September, October & November is the best time to visit Nepal. It is starting of the winter season as well and the temperature would be around 15-20 degree Celsius. During this month, you mostly have very clear weather from low land to high land and can able to see the excellent of Mountains view. Most of the tourists visit Nepal during this time frame.

Summer Season: June, July, and August is considered as the Summer season in Nepal, as you will get the maximum temperature of 30-33 degree Celsius based on a touristic destination. This season is well recommended for Cultural tours only. It is also well known for Monsoon season, as you will face the raining on an alternate basis particularly in July and August. 

Winter Season: This season includes December, January, and February, which is the third peak time to travel to Nepal. As December and February temperature would be around 15 degrees Celsius. However, January is a little more cold to compare with others and the temperature would be around 7-10. So, a cultural tour is perfect for this time.